Hi everyone, today we can see an amazing Freeletics transformation. Freeletics changed his life! You have to read the interview which is motivating to all. Freeletics is not only a sport that is practiced by everyone and around the world 🙂






• Why did you do Freeletics?

I started Freeletics because I never was a big fan of gyms, and due to my busy routine and frequent business travels I needed something flexible that I could do anytime, anywhere, with no equipments. I was overweight, with a very low self steem and want to do something urgently to change my body and avoid health problems, so that’s is the main reason why started Freeletics.


• How did you discover Freeletics?

I discovered by surprise, searching on the web I found a lot of transformation movies and get very excited to start but I was very skeptical about the real results, untill I see that happens exactly the same with me.


• How is your Freeletics adventure?

I felt always challenged and seing my workout total time reducing more and more make me even more motivated, and that broughts me nice results in front of the mirror alongside this process of beating PB.


• Have you adopted a special diet?

After a few weeks practicing Freeletics I could already see some results, then I realized if I change my diet I would have even more results, after this self conclusion I started a low carb diet to get rid of my body fat.


• What is your felt after 15 weeks?

I’m feeling great cause I’m in the best shape of my entire life. My conditioning has increased a lot and now I’m doing things that I would never believe I could do it before. Always surpassing my limits, reaching an athletic high level, from average to athlete that is how I’m feeling now, a real free athlete.

• A word for the end ?

With continuity, consistency and discipline a reach my fitness objective. If I did it, anyone can totally do it!


• How buy program ?

Get the coach

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